Turbo Levo Comp Carbon (Gen3)

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Cheapest garbage Formula hub with a concave end cap. See picture in the gallery! PLANET3 will be delivered with a replacement end cap and internal axle.
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Hope Floating
Shimano XT
SRAM Centerline.
Two planets inside the device means half the ratio and half the speed increase (~38 km/h/23,6 mph instead of ~76 km/h/47,2 mph for EU/UK spec bikes). This is not necessary for Specialized (at the moment), but might be in the future.
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Daddy made replacement axle and end cap assemblies so now you can have the PLANET3 even on this goddamn garbage hub! Please watch the video below for an explanation of what needs to be done before you proceed with the regular installation of the PLANET3!

For the Levo Gen3 a dual planet configuration will be default in order to be more future-proof since Specialized is constantly messing around with walk mode which also affects PLANET3 functionality on some bikes. Currently, even with the most recent motor firmware (version 7.4.2. - May 2021) the 2022 model bikes work with a 3:1 (single) planet configuration so you can still get a full de-restriction of the speed limit. However, if there are any speed sensor errors during low-speed pedaling (climbing slowly in low gears) - please try a dual planet configuration which brings the ratio down to 1,5:1 (halves it) making your speed limit ~38 km/h but bringing the rear wheel rotation speed closer to the "realistic" range which the motor would expect with a future version of the "anti-PLANET3" firmware.



1 x Gen3 PLANET3 device (different to other models!) consisting of sun gear, ring gear, two planet gears (with an N52 magnets) and external, position-checking magnets.

1 x Replacement axle and end cap assembly for the original hub.

3 x M5x10 ISO 14580 bolt with pre-applied Loctite 268

Do you have any questions about the product?

Don't hesitate to contact us before your purchase!

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